Small Groups - Missional Groups

What Are Missional Groups?

Missional groups are groups of one or more individuals that work together intentionally and strategically to win lost souls for Jesus Christ.

When And Where Do Missional Groups Meet?

Because missional groups tend to have a very specific missions focus, the frequency at which they meet and the locations where they meet can vary greatly. Some missional groups have a local focus and serve people here in Kyle and its surrounding communities. Conversely, other missional groups have a international focus that literally takes them to other parts of the world.

Who Can Participate In Missional Groups?

Missional groups are usually open to all participants. In the case of an international missions group, some limitations may apply. 

What Is The Emphasis Of Missional Groups?

The primary emphasis of missional groups is to reach out into the community and culture in which we live and sharing the light of Jesus Christ to a dark and dying world.

What Do Missional Groups Focus On?

  • Missional call- going out to invite people to "Come Follow Jesus"
  • 1st Places- Neighborhood fellowships: homes, pools, parks, etc.
  • 2nd Places- Work place environments
  • 3rd Places- Places that we frequent to find people and relationships: cafes, coffee shops, sports functions, clubs, arts, shopping centers, community events, etc.
  • Evangelism, people gathering
  • Hospitality, inviting in
  • Light discipleship strategies to build bridges and be child friendly
  • More relational and conversational, one-on-one encounters to have spiritual conversations
  • Local, regional, and global strategies
  • Connecting our church’s DNA to the community’s DNA for the purpose of spiritual transformation

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