Small Groups - Micro Groups

What Are Micro Groups?

Micro groups are groups of four or fewer persons that meet together on a weekly basis for the purpose of discipleship.

When And Where Do Micro Groups Meet?

Micro groups usually meet at least one hour per week for at least a six month period of time. Groups meet at the church, in homes, or other locations in and around the Kyle area.

Who Can Participate In Micro Groups?

Because the primary goal of micro groups is one-on-one discipleship, micro groups are usually closed to general participation. If you are interested in a micro group, contact the church office for more information.

What Is The Emphasis Of Micro Groups?

The primary emphasis of micro groups is one-on-one discipleship. A spiritually mature member commits to mentoring a younger, less mature member in the ways of Christ (2 Timothy 2:2 ).

What Do Micro Groups Focus On?

  • Identity in Christ, saints set free, a brand-new nature
  • Spiritual formation
  • Transformation
  • Exchanged life, death of old man and alive in Christ and united with His power through the Holy Spirit
  • Freedom from sin
  • Presenting ourselves to Christ day-by-day
  • Holy of Holies in us, the believer
  • From Him, in Him, and back to Him
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Accountability
  • Intergenerational connections

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